Tonight (Oct. 1) was the final blind audition episode of 'The Voice' and Blake Shelton completed his team with Nicole Johnson and Rudy Parris, both of whom have country roots.

Shelton had wanted Nathalie Hernandez, who sang a Taylor Swift song, but she chose Christina Aguilera since she is contemporary, not country.

Both Shelton and Adam Levine wanted redheaded Caitlin Michele, who sang Florence + the Machine's 'Cosmic Love.' Shelton turned around first, while Levine did at the last minute, causing them to verbally battle over who deserved her more. Boys will be boys.

"I was impressed by how accurate you are with your notes," Shelton said, pointing out that she could hold notes without vibrato, letting them "hang" there. He then said he'd like her to hang out with him on his team. Such a charmer.

Aguilera told her if she wanted to take a risk, she should go over to Team Adam. She called herself the furthest thing from normal, so she went with Adam.

"Adam got one on me there," Shelton said after the fact. "I didn't sell myself enough. I got cocky." He then shouted that he hated Levine and chastised Aguilera for "helping him."

Nicole Johnson sang the twangy version of Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know It All.' She lives in Nashville, having relocated with family from Louisiana in order to make it as a singer. Shelton battled Cee Lo Green over her, since both loved how she sang.

"You had me at 'thang,'" Shelton said about her country rendition. "I am 200 percent a believer in you." Since she was a self-confessed country girl, she went with Shelton.

Shelton and Cee Lo again turned their chairs around for Chevonne, who has been on tour as a back up singer for Lady Gaga. She sang 'Brass in Pocket' by the Pretenders, which showcased her pitch control. She shared that she had eating disorders after Cee Lo maintained that he heard pain in her voice. Shelton pointed out he had luck with backup singers - like last season's winner Jermaine Paul. She still chose Cee Lo.

Shelton tried to woo Celica Westbrook, 16, by dropping references to local Tennessee haunts, since that's where she now lives. But she chose Xtina.

Rudy Parris has been singing for 28 years, and with his long hair, he looked the rock star part, but he is a country singer. He sang 'Every Breath You Take,' which is a rock ballad, and revealed he has played with Hank Williams III. Shelton reminded him what Hank III's real name is -- Shelton! It felt like fate.

Since Parris' roots were country, he chose Shelton.

Blonde Georgia girl Jessica Cayne sang Carrie Underwood's 'Good Girl' and she belted it. She admitted to an eating disorder, and did a great job, but didn't get chosen by any of the coaches with open slots -- Cee Lo and Blake at that point. We were bummed for her, since she entertained the crowd and even took off her shoes when she reached the "goodbye shoes" lyric. It was a  nice tough, and a shame that she didn't get chosen.

And with that, Shelton's team is complete, not to mention diverse.