Jared Blake, the bald, tattooed star on Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice,' has been a struggling musician for years now. While he looks the part of rock star, it's country music that really holds the reigns that are his heartstrings.

"My biggest influences are split between Johnny Cash and Guns N' Roses," Blake tells Big Frog 104. "I just like real. I like real lyrics and real life stuff, so I relate to country a lot more because it's about real life."

Real life is no cakewalk for Blake, and not just because he is fighting to have his 'Voice' be heard. He is the father of six children. "It has been the biggest blessing in my life, but also the biggest hold back since I can't pack up everything in the van," he explains. That said, Blake has his responsibilities in the right order and said, "being a father is my number one priority."

With six mouths to feed, the stakes are incredibly high for Blake. He says that he really took Reba's advice to heart last night when she told him that the battle aspect of the performance "gives people a whole lot of time to forget you were ever there or are gonna be there so utilize the performer in you and hold the crowd." He also said that Shelton focuses on the positive and on "what your biggest skill is." What a good coach Blake Shelton is.

Blake also reveals that when he first got to Nashville, he worked with notables like Gretchen Wilson, who sang background vocals on his first session. Not a bad start!

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