Blake Shelton and company return for Season 3 of 'The Voice' tonight (Sept. 10). As the NBC show continues to grow, it attracts more and more talented singers, meaning the competition this fall will be tougher than ever. One thing is for sure: After winning with Jermaine Paul last spring, the country singer is feeling very, very confident heading into the first blind auditions.

Watching Shelton brag of his recent success is just one of the many things we're looking forward to during Season 3. The banter and interplay between all four coaches is another weekly highlight, and that's before we even get to all of the talented singers and emotional backstories. Feel free to share your favorite memories of 'The Voice' in the comments section below and as you anticipate the kick-off at 8PM ET on Monday night. 

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    Blake Shelton's Gloating

    Team Blake won 'The Voice' in early 2012, with Jermaine Paul thoroughly dominating the competition. His pairing with Shelton was unexpected, but the country mentor was able to offer a different perspective and then let this professional talent be himself. Last season, Adam Levine used his win in Season 1 to snag some of the best singers during the blind auditions. Shelton should do the same this time around, offering many clever and snarky quips during the first few episodes as a way of peacocking around from his red throne. In a trailer for the Season 3 kickoff, it's already begun. He pulls out his ACM Award at one point.

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    Cee Lo Green's Next 'Accessory'

    Purrfect the cat is the most memorable of the many humorous, and often strange, things Cee Lo Green brought to the blind auditions in seasons past. During one episode, he wore giant sunglasses. In another, he chose a James Brown-like wig to cover his normally hairless head. Rarely did any of the other coaches mention these odd accessories, creating several entertaining "WTF?" moments.

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    This Season's Pip or Sarah Golden

    While neither of these contestants made it to the final rounds, each represented what the show is truly about: Talent over image. Golden's identity was so concealed during the blind auditions that viewers didn't even know if they were listening to a man or woman before the first coach turned around. Contestant backstories (remember the homeless Jesse Campbell?) are as important as the big red button in separating this show from other reality TV shows.

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    When a singer is eliminated, other coaches have a chance to swoop in and snag him or her (or them) before they're sent home for good. Too many of the battle rounds last season pitted two top-tier contestants against one another, leading to a disappointing sendoff. Shelton says this will be on the coaches' minds as they're making tough cuts. It should increase the playful banter that presents the best laugh-out-loud moments on 'The Voice.'

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    The Next Country Superstar

    So far, 'The Voice' hasn't produced a made-for-radio country star in two seasons. RaeLynn comes the closest, having just signed with Universal Republic, but fans have yet to hear her first single. Other reality television shows have proven how loyal country fans can be in supporting artists like Scotty McCreery, Casey James and Kellie Pickler long after their time on the show. With Shelton's help, the industry is warming up to using television to discover more country talent.

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