The Warren Brothers -- Brad and Brett Warren -- have started off the new year in a big way. Last week, the Warrens signed a new deal with EMI Music Publishing, which will cover their back catalog of songs as well as new material.

In recent years, the brothers have been responsible for many hit songs including Martina McBride’s 'Wrong Baby Wrong' and 'Anyway;' Lynyrd Skynrd’s 'Red, White and Blue;' Faith Hill’s 'The Lucky One;' Dierks Bentley’s 'Feel That Fire;' and Tim McGraw's 'If You're Reading This,' as well as his latest chart-topper, 'Felt Good on My Lips.'

"This deal can only go downhill from here," Brad Warren tells Taste of Country. "We started it with a multi-week No. 1 song! We are happy to be with EMI ... great staff!"

The Warrens are also accomplished rock and pop songwriters, having penned nine of the tracks on the latest Hinder album, 'All American Nightmare,' which hit stores last month.

"Brett and Brad are great guys and two of Nashville’s most unique talents and personalities," says EMI Publishing Nashville's Executive Vice President, Ben Vaughn. "There aren’t many people capable of writing a country single one day, and then working with a rock or pop act the next, and being equally successful with both of them. We are so proud to have them as part of our Nashville family and it’s going to be a lot of fun."

Besides the Hinder collaboration, the Warrens have also joined forces with the likes of rock band Daughtry and rap artist Ne-Yo in recent months. On the country side of writing, the Warrens have been working with Lady Antebellum and McBride, among others.