The Wind + the Wave are an eclectic duo based in Austin, Texas. They're amping up excitement for new music by diving into their song 'Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em High' exclusively on Taste of Country.

Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn -- together, the Wind + the Wave -- tease their alt-country song in this clip. It showcases not only each of their styles, but also the way their personalities mesh. The duo hope this video will help familiarize fans with their new album, 'From the Wreckage,' and to allow them to see how it all began.

When the duo began creating the music, they didn't expect it to be for anyone but themselves. This song in particular is an honest account of people in Lynn's (the group's "wave") life. "That's a really honest group of lyrics there," Baker (the group's "wind") says,  adding, "it's a story straight from your life."

"I talk about my brother having a baby out of wedlock and my sister smoking pot," Lynn explains.

"I think anytime you talk about something personal in your life that's not you, there's a question of whether or not you have the right to talk about it," Baker continues. "You came to the conclusion of ultimately they'll both understand and the song isn't the same without it."

The honest account of her siblings' stories aren't sugarcoated. It's raw and true, and Baker even says "there's no bow" that makes the package any prettier. Despite the song having a deeper meaning, the rockin' guitar and fast-paced nature keep it fun -- and definitely catchy.

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