Fresh on the heels of winning Song of the Year at the American Country Countdown Awards for "Die a Happy Man," Thomas Rhett is seeing similar success on tour with Jason Aldean.

Rhett is one of several acts touring with Aldean this summer on his Six String Circus Tour, and things are very different from three years ago when the "T-Shirt" singer first shared the stage with Aldean.

"It’s been incredible. I toured with Jason three years ago, but to be back in this environment is a whole lot different, gettin’ to play the middle slot," he tells his record label, Big Machine Label Group. "Obviously having one hit and havin’ five that you can play that you know the crowd knows is a whole lot different energy. People show up and the place is packed by the time we go on stage, so it really is just special to get out there."

Rhett adds that he has worked "so hard" on his set list each night, as well as the nightly production of the show. "[We] really ramped up our production this year. It’s just a really, really high energy environment that we’ve never really experienced before," he explains.

Rhett's latest feel good single "T-Shirt" only helps that high-energy environment. In an interview with Taste of Country, he shared that Tim McGraw actually had the song on hold before he could record it for himself.

“Right when I got done recording my first album Tim took it off hold, and then I put it back on hold immediately, and held it for an entire year before I put my second album out,” Rhett explains. “It’s one of those songs that have hung on for a long time. For me not to get tired of a song that I’ve had for that long is shocking to say the least. That song has been with me forever and I’ve always wanted to put it out as a single. I figure, ‘What better time than after ‘Die a Happy Man?'"

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