Thomas Rhett is the best dancer in country music next to Luke Bryan, and thankfully, he's not stingy. The singer took a few minutes to show the dance challenged how to do a few of the latest moves: Whip and Nae Nae.

Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes caught up with Rhett and chatted about the dance, which the singer and Brett Eldredge have been sneaking into their CMT Boots and Suits Tour lately.

It took a little bit of prodding at first to get Rhett to bust out his skills, but soon, he was like melted butter. He explained each step as Dukes copied his movements as closely as possible.

“There you go, that’s perfect!” Rhett assesses in the above clip, as Dukes blames his suburban upbringing for his lack of skills.

“Hey, I’m a white kid from south Georgia,” Rhett commiserates with a smile. “There’s no reason I should be good at it."

Rhett also dished about one of his favorite moments from tour so far: Halloween. The star said he and Eldredge started their afterparty before the set was over, appearing in their Halloween costumes on stage.

“I walked out there as Woody from Toy Story and he was Buddy the Elf, and we did our encore in our Halloween outfits,” he recalls. “And my band was dressed as KISS, which made no sense."

Check out the full interview above to hear more about his reaction to the success of “Die a Happy Man,” and what level of crazy his afterparties reach.

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