Husband and wife duo Thompson Square have been spending much of their lives on a tour bus on many high-profile tours, including the My Kinda Party trek with Jason Aldean. In January, Keifer and Shawna Thompson will get ready for another multi-week run when they join Lady Antebellum on their Own the Night Tour, also featuring Darius Rucker. Luckily, they've found a new and exciting way to pass the time spent on the bus ... doing something that they admit consumes almost too much of their lives.

"We went through the 'Words With Friends' phase already," Keifer Thompson tells Taste of Country of the popular phone game.

"Now it's 'Call of Duty' on the bus with our band," adds his wife, Shawna Thompson. "Oh, it's so addictive! It rules our lives. As soon as we get offstage, we're like running to the bus to turn the Xbox on so we can all play 'Call of Duty.' It's terrible!"

Once the duo hits the road with Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker, there might not be a lot of downtime for video games, as Keifer and Shawna have already bonded with him after playing a handful of dates with the former Hootie and the Blowfish singer. The two are looking forward to getting back on the road with him so they can spend more time getting to know the humble and gracious man.

"I tell you what," notes Keifer, "I don't think I have ever met another artist of his caliber -- I mean, he's friggin' Hootie! -- but I never have met someone in his caliber that really has welcomed us with open arms. The first night, he invited us in for a little pre-show shot. We got done [with our set], and he came on our bus to thank us. I was just like, 'For real?!' His whole organization is just top notch and extremely nice."

Just a couple of weeks ago, Rucker invited Thompson Square onstage during his encore to help him sing the Hank Williams Jr. classic 'Family Tradition.' The excitement was mind boggling for the new duo.

"When we came offstage, I gave Keifer a high five and was like, 'We just sang with Hootie! Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!'" says Shawna with a laugh.

"[The new tour with him and Lady A is] going to be a blast," Keifer says. "We're just so looking forward to that tour. It will be a whole different tour than what we just came off of. It's going to be interesting because Aldean's crowd is a little bit more like a party, four-wheel drive sort of thing. I don't think Lady A and Darius is going to be quite that. It's going to be really cool. It's going to be really cool to see the differences in the crowds."

Thompson Square's first show on the Own the Night Tour is on Jan. 27 in Tulsa, Okla. Click here for a complete list of dates where the hot duo will be appearing on their own and with Lady A.