New husband and wife duo Thompson Square have a big day coming up! It's not their wedding anniversary or a birthday, but it's a date they will always remember just as significantly: the release date of their debut country album. On Feb. 8, Thompson Square's self-titled release on Stoney Creek Records will hit stores nationwide.

"We could not be more fired up about it," Keifer Thompson blogs to GAC when making the announcement. "Years of sweat and tears come down to one day -- a 12-song debut album, on a little piece of plastic. Me and Shawna [Thompson] plan on going to the store at midnight and picking up a copy or two!  We highly recommend y’all doing the same."

Fans have already given Thompson Square a warm welcoming into the country music world, as their debut single, 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not,' continues climbing the chart. The song, penned by singer-songwriter David Lee Murphy and Jim Collins, was a perfect fit for the sound and style that is Thompson Square.

"I just remember writing that song, and it felt really good when we wrote it," Murphy tells Taste of Country. "I thought it felt like a hit song. You write a lot of songs, but sometimes a song comes along that you just think, ‘Boy, this could be a hit.’ This really feels like a hit song. Thompson Square cut it, and they just did a great job with it. I thought they did a great job on the whole record. Their performance was fantastic. I thought the production was really good."

Look for Thompson Square to make their second appearance on the Grand Ole Opry in the coming weeks.