Thompson Square's follow-up release to their chart-topping hit 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' is the infectious 'I Got You.' "We wrote this song with Paul Jenkins and Jason Sellers," Shawna tells Taste of Country. "It was our first time writing together. Jason had the idea, and we all messed around with the melody and stuff."

The lyrics of the song's opening verse set the vibe for the lighthearted love song:

"A car's got gasoline to run down the road / A crop's got rain, dirt and sun to make 'em grow / A song's got rhyme / A clock's got time / You got me, and baby I got you."

"It’s just a cool song, comparing things that have to have each other to work," Shawna explains. "It’s just pretty simple and to the point."

The tune fits Keifer and Shawna Thompson's musical style perfectly, as its lyrics are all about love and having each other.

"I got you / Yeah, you're it / The missing piece that makes me fit / I got you / The breath I breathe / And there ain't nothing else I need / Baby I got you / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," the duo sings in the chorus.

"Jason and Paul are knocking [the hits] out right now," Keifer says. "They write really well together, and they’re very focused on each other and what the task at hand is. It’s working! They're good guys and just really good people."

"We were very privileged to be able to write with them, and we just love this song," adds Shawna. "It’s a good, fun summer song. It makes you want to roll the windows down and gas it!"