Thompson Square make sure married life stays a little less boring by dressing up like pop legends and former variety TV show hosts Sonny & Cher in the video for their new song, 'I Got You.' Oddly enough, they stop short of covering the duo's famous song of nearly the same name, instead performing a new composition.

It's pretty bold of the band to invite comparisons to one of the more beloved records of the pop era, and obviously this pleasant-enough, upbeat little love song isn't on that legendary level. But if you look at it as a lark, and a fun way for the band to throw on some retro clothes for a video shoot, then, mission accomplished.

In fact, the band wears many different outfits throughout the video, portraying everybody from their modern-day selves to the cameramen, producers and wardrobe assistants on the set of this fictitious video shoot. Extra props to Shawna Thompson for nailing Cher's famous native-American haircut so perfectly.

'I Got You,' the third single from Thompson Square's self-titled debut album, is sure to be playing -- a lot -- on your local country station when it's released on May 8.  You can read more about the song in our song spotlight feature and check out the video for yourself right here.

Watch Thompson Square's 'I Got You' Video