Keifer and Shawna Thompson of Thompson Square welcomed son Cooper in January, and as every veteran parent can tell you, it changes everything ... including what you say.

As a result, the duo have released a hilarious video called 'Sh-t Thompson Square Says: The Baby Edition,' which gives a candid look at the things they find themselves uttering now that their world has been infiltrated by diaper changes, feedings and short sleep cycles.

“Do you smell that?" “What time did I feed him last?" “The dog got into the dirty diapers!"

Those are just a few of the gems these first-time parents spout in this video — and likely on an every day basis. The video, released via WhoSay, is a follow-up to their original video 'Sh*t Thompson Square Says,' a similarly comical glimpse into their marriage.

Thompson Square recently released a new single called “You Make It Look So Good,” which is now available on iTunes and streaming services. They’re in the middle of recording a third studio record, which they say will have Cooper's influence all over it.

“What Cooper did for us is he relieved us of worrying about things that we shouldn’t have ever been worried about,” Keifer explains. “We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best … and we don’t really take time to enjoy where we’re at and what we’ve done.”

The duo are on the road on a headlining tour that began Aug. 19 and runs through the fall, stopping in cities all over the U.S.

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