Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Keifer Thompson and wife Shawna of Thompson Square are riding a wave of radio success with their hit ' Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not,' and they are also a testament to the fact that the couple that plays together (literally) is also the couple that stays together. Much like country's first couple (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw) and second couple (Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton), this husband-and-wife duo meshes professionally because they mesh personally, as well.

When chatting with KMPS, Keifer addressed the constant question the pair is asked, which is how they deal with working as spouses. "For some reason, it does not work without us being together all the time," he said. "We tried it in the beginning, where I was touring, playing guitar with different artists and she was doing her thing. It was just miserable and as lame as it sounds, we love being together all the time."

Even though the couple enjoys each other's company, the relationship is not perfect and they do engage in their fair share of healthy arguments. "We know how to throw down and fight just like everyone else and believe me, we are pros at that too, but this is the way it's supposed to be for us," Keifer said.

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