It takes all of two seconds to discover that '80s pop-star Tiffany is bringing something to country music that the many crossovers before her left behind. Before rolling your eyes at another pop artist trying to release country music, give 'Feel the Music' a listen. Her performance is three minutes of a genuine good time. Tiffany quickly makes it clear she's not just dabbling in the genre -- she's here to make an impression. In fact, she's written seven of the eight songs on 'Rose Tattoo,' her country album released earlier this year.

Lyrically, the story is unlikely to win a Pulitzer or even one of the format's awards. She sings about a woman looking to have a good time at trouble's expense. The first verse goes, "I'm drivin' all night / Got that look in my eye / Sign says 'Right here, party like there's no fear' / I'm getting off here toastin' a hell of a time / Neon flashing lights / I feel the bump, bump, thump from the outside / Getting dirty tonight."

The driving harmonica, steel guitar and dobro are what give this song real country swagger. There's a little smoke in her delivery that her pop fans won't recall. It gives her depth and character, and most importantly, country credibility. No one who hears this song will label it as "too pop" for country radio. The singer sounds very comfortable amongst the screaming solos and wailing blues harp licks. She says her new style is like "Bonnie Raitt with a Stevie Ray Vaughn vibe," and this song fits that shape.

"I wanna feel the music / Get wild in this town / Shake it up and loose / 'Til the walls fall down / I wanna groove up on a melody and feel the beat inside of me and be the only be the only star of the crowd / I wanna feel the music / All around," Tiffany sings during the chorus.

'Feel the Music' isn't without imperfection. While the first two and a half minutes set up the story and drive anyone within arms reach of a volume knob to turn the song up, the last 30 seconds sort of disappoint. She's unable to finish strong, repeating "Feel the music, the music, the music"' three or four times before a hard end. Overall, though, it's a great beginner's effort as this is the first time country fans get to experience her songwriting skills.

Listen to Tiffany, 'Feel the Music'