Unfortunately, the two remaining country singers left on 'X Factor' were sent home on tonight's episode. Country crooners Tim Cifers and Skyelor Anderson were both cut from the boys team by judge L.A. Reid, and both singers were incredibly disappointed to end their run on the show.

First, L.A. Reid broke the bad news to Anderson, who is just 16 years old. We first met Anderson when he covered Billy Currington's song 'Must Be Doing Something Right.' Despite the fact that Anderson declared that he would love to be "the youngest black country singer" last week, L.A. Reid felt he didn't have a place in the competition, saying that a black guy singing country music was "too niche." Anderson was left upset with Reid's decision, as he should be, but hopefully we will see more from this budding singer in the future.

Tim Cifers was also sent home tonight despite wowing Reid and guest judge/pop superstar Rihanna last week with a cover of 'Dance With My Father.' Before Reid was forced to let go Cifers, the 'X Factor' contestant said, "I don't want to fail ... My family at home is supportive and I want to make them proud too ... It'd almost be like everything's gone out the window [if I didn't get picked]. This decision determines the rest of my life."

Reid later told Cifers that Rihanna "found [his] very humble nature" to be endearing and that she loved him for that. However, Reid had to dismiss Cifers, saying, "There were times throughout that I had some concerns wondering how you would fit in the current musical landscape." He then told Cifers he didn't make it and wished him well. Cifers was clearly heartbroken, but hopefully he left the show with an optimistic mindset.

Do you think the judges made the right decision in sending home Anderson and Cifers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.