Tim McGraw debuted two news songs on television this week during two very different appearances. He unveiled the brand-new ballad 'Better Than I Used to Be' on ABC's daytime gabfest 'The View,' and when he hit the stage at 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' he switched gears and performed the more upbeat 'Right Back at Ya' at the very end of the episode. Both tunes are expected to appear on the forthcoming album 'Emotional Traffic.'

'Better Than I Used to Be' is an apologetic heart melter that will make you weak in the knees, especially if you have a crush on the black cowboy hat wearin' singer, so it was perfect fare for 'The View''s housewife-centric audience.

McGraw performed the delicate, spare song while perched atop a stool, and he was able to express a thread of vulnerability and allow his voice to be the centerpiece. He laments the people he's let down and the hearts he has broken over the years and admits "I ain't no angel / Still got a few more dances with the devil" in the lyrics. We can just imagine this becoming a popular makeup song after a particularly nasty battle between a couple!

Meanwhile, the quick pace of 'Right Back at Ya' was a good fit for night owls watching a late night talk show like Fallon's, that's for sure. The song starts out mellow and then morphs into a summer ready jam whose tempo escalates by the time the chorus rolls around. It's a poppy tune for the country superstar, but it reminds us of one of the main reasons that we love him in the first place -- and that's the welcoming timbre of his voice.

Lyrically, it's a love song, too, which will also make the ladies swoon when he sings, "Right back at ya, babe!" Fallon didn't hop onstage with McGraw like he did with Darius Rucker a few nights ago, but the duo did hug it out before Fallon signed off for the night.

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