Cast or no cast, the show must go on for Tim McGraw. McGraw has broken his foot and will continue on with his Emotional Traffic Tour as planned. He's just trading his cowboy boots for a cast for the next few weeks. It's also worth mentioning that this it the first time McGraw has ever broken a bone.

McGraw, 44, posted two messages on his Facebook page about his ailing foot, writing: "FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, car wrecks, bar fights, high school rodeo ... and this is the first broken bone I've ever had!"

He also posted this note: "CAST OR NO CAST, THE SHOW MUST GO ON...and does; flanked by the Dancehall Doctors, McGraw heads to the stage."

What a trooper Tim McGraw is. Nothing will keep him from his appointed rounds onstage. What's not clear, however, is when and how the injury happened. Some speculation abounds that the incident occurred at his Raleigh, N.C. concert on Friday, while McGraw himself apparently joked that opening act Luke Bryan was at fault.

McGraw's management team did issue a more official statement, saying: "Tim wants to thank his fans for their support at his show in Raleigh last night. For the first time in his career, he performed in a cast [due to a broken foot] and experienced a momentary pacing setback."

Big ups to McGraw for performing as scheduled and not letting a broken foot take him off the road.

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