Tim McGraw, who is becoming equally celebrated for his acting career as he is for his country music after roles in 'Country Strong' and 'The Blind Side,' has had to bow out of the film 'Safe House' due to scheduling conflicts. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds lead the cast of the film, a C.I.A. thriller.

McGraw revealed the news on radio station US99, saying, "I had to back out because we had all signed up to get ready to do the movie and we all had our schedules and [the schedule of] when my tour was going to start."

But we all know what happens to even the best laid plans of mice and men -- they often go awry! Such is the case for McGraw and 'Safe House. He continued, "And then, as movies do, it kept being moved back and back. And the movie's being filmed in South Africa."

Simple economics also played a part in McGraw's decision to keep his tour schedule in tact rather than move booked dates to accommodate the film. "It ended up, we would have had to move 28 shows," he said. "The numbers for what they would pay me to do this movie, and the numbers for what I would make and what it would cost to do 28 shows were nowhere in the same ballpark. So, I had to back out of the movie; times are tough, man!"

McGraw's next film is 'Dirty Girl,' starring William H. Macy and fellow country star Dwight Yoakam. It arrives at the multiplex in August. In the meantime, though, you can catch McGraw on tour with Luke Bryan and the Band Perry as part of his 'Emotional Traffic' trek.