Tim McGraw conveys the initial excitement of lust and first kisses in the lyrics to the song 'Felt Good on My Lips.' The song's writing crew is made up of two sets of brothers: Jim and Brett Beavers and Brad and Brett Warren.

The latter two are known as the songwriting duo the Warren Brothers. According to The Boot, once Brett Beavers (who has penned songs for Billy Ray Cyrus and Dierks Bentley) suggested to his brother Jim that they write a song with the Warren Brothers, Jim came up with a catchy bass riff -- which became the backbone and driver for the frisky, uptempo melody.

The idea of the chorus immediately followed. Its simple "oh oh oh" was a natural response Brett Warren and his brother Brad came up with to explain the feeling of a relationship's "honeymoon phase."

Soon after, the verses were created, describing everything about this woman that "felt good on [his] lips": her Spanish name, singing along to her favorite song, her fruity drink concoction, and, most importantly, her "cherry lip gloss."

"She leaned in close and gave me one long and wet / A goodnight goodbye kiss / And it felt good on my lips."

After McGraw performed the song frequently on his Southern Voice tour -- even though it was not included on his 2009 album -- 'Felt Good on My Lips' was featured as the single from his fourth greatest hits album, 'Number One Hits.'

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