It's no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow quickly fell in love with country music while immersing herself in the character of Kelly Canter in 'Country Strong.' Working with Tim McGraw, one of country's biggest and most well-liked stars, had to play a role in that. And McGraw, who duets with Paltrow on the song 'Me and Tennessee' from the film, was so impressed with Paltrow's performance and got along with her so well that he would even be open to bringing the new-to-country co-star on tour one day.

“You never know," McGraw tells WYCD in an interview about 'Country Strong,' his family and more. "She’s more than welcome to if she wants to.”

In the film, McGraw plays James Canter -- the husband and manager of Paltrow's character. While he's the husband to singer Faith Hill in real life, he probably won't be adding on the responsibility of managing her as an artist any time soon.

“No, are you kidding me? Manage my wife? That’s completely out of the question. I wouldn’t do that in a million years," McGraw says.

“I’m not organized enough to be a good manager," he adds, though he admits, "I like making decisions, I like being involved. I’ve been very heavily involved in decisions in my career.”

To hear more about McGraw's experience with 'Country Strong,' head over to WYCD to watch the full on-set video interview with him. 'Country Strong' hits theaters nationwide on Friday, Jan. 7.