It isn't always easy to keep yourself motivated to go to the gym and eat right -- sometimes, even Tim McGraw slacks off. When he's on the road, though, it's a different story. Working out and eating healthy keep the 'Lookin' for That Girl' singer at the top of his game and helps him enjoy touring.

With strict tour schedules and a hectic traveling lifestyle, McGraw hopes being healthy on the road will help keep him doing what he loves for even longer. “You know the older you get, the harder it is to stay in shape," he says. "And I love doin’ what I do, I wanna do it for a lot longer."

Staying in shape also helps him enjoy touring and performing high energy shows for his fans. "I don’t ever wanna go out on stage when I can’t enjoy it," McGraw admits. "Being fit is something that helps me enjoy it, and makes me add more to my show and more energy to the show.”

So how does Mr. McGraw keep himself in tip-top performance with such a busy schedule? Aside from just being generally healthy, he loves doing cross fit!

"I just try to keep on it every day," he shares. "Try to take one day off every now and then.”

Right now, aside from working out, McGraw is busy prepping for his upcoming tour. His Sundown Heaven Town Tour starts in May and will hit over 30 cities. Full tour dates are here.