Tim McGraw expresses a "take life by the horns" attitude in the 2004 video for his single 'Live Like You Were Dying.' The song pays tribute to McGraw's late father, who fell victim to brain cancer at the beginning of the year. Tug McGraw, who is featured through clips in the music video, was a major league baseball relief pitcher who saw the Philadelphia Phillies into their first world championship in 1980.

'Live Like You Were Dying' -- from McGraw's eighth studio album with the same name -- peaked at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country chart, where it sat proudly for seven weeks. This sad but highly inspirational song from the country music legend teaches how to live with open eyes and appreciate the time you've got left. McGraw snagged a Grammy win for Best Male Country Vocal Performance with this one.

The video is shot in an all-white room -- with McGraw dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans and a cowboy hat -- to create the feeling of peace and the illusion of heaven. As the singer belts out the heartfelt lyrics, black and white video clips are shown around him on virtual screens, including a clip of McGraw senior throwing the final pitch at the World Series game. In 'Live Like You Were Dying,' McGraw asks what you would do with tomorrow if you knew it were your last day -- a question that becomes very real for many people at some point in their lives.

Watch the Tim McGraw ‘Live Like You Were Dying’ Video