In 1969, the New York Mets shocked the world and beat the Baltimore Orioles in the World Series. Tim McGraw’s father Tug McGraw was a part of those "Miracle Mets," and with his bonus money, he bought a white Mercedes convertible. These days, it’s Tim’s favorite ride, but the story of how he got it takes some twists and turns.

McGraw tells Taste of Country that his dad got a $10,000 bonus check for being on the World Series winning team, and he spent $7,000 on the car. The two didn’t know each other at the time — McGraw was only two years old and wouldn’t discover who his real father was for another eight years. The pair didn’t grow close until Tim McGraw started to become famous, but the car remained in the family.

“When he died,” the singer explains, “my brother had the car and it was falling apart, so I traded him a motorcycle for it.”

He then had it restored to its original form. Now it’s a perfect bit of automobile machinery, and the country star looks fine behind the wheel. One can almost imagine wife Faith Hill as his shotgun rider in this car, with her blonde hair whipping around, wrapped in a stylish scarf from the period, the two of them lost in thought and each other’s love ... okay, so perhaps we've embellished that part, but the car was born after one World Series win for the Mets. Perhaps Tim will have reason to buy his own should his favorite team win in 2015. Game 7 of the 2015 World Series comes on Nov. 4 (if necessary). Two days, later McGraw releases his new studio album, Damn Country Music.

Next summer, McGraw will headline 2016 WE Fest – one of Taste of Country's sponsored events — in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

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