Tim McGraw’s father, Tug, was a baseball legend, and McGraw had the opportunity to carry on his legacy in one of the most appropriate ways — throwing the first pitch at the World Series.

McGraw’s dad was a relief pitcher for the New York Mets and was part of the 1969 championship team. Sadly, he passed away in 2004 due to a brain tumor. McGraw had the honor of taking on the ceremonial first pitch at Game 4 of the World Series Saturday (Oct. 31), an emotional moment for the artist.

"This is cool. He would really enjoy this,” McGraw told ET.

As for the pitch itself, according to wife Faith Hill, it wasn’t terrible, but Tim should probably stick to his day job.

“She said I did alright," McGraw recalls. "She said I still got a little bit of arm left."

The singer looked genuinely touched to be on the field when introduced as “Tug’s son,” wearing jersey No. 45 in honor of his father.

In preparation for the special moment, McGraw also posted a photo driving a Mercedes that had a significant meaning, right down to the license plate.

"I have a '69 Mercedes that my dad bought with his bonus check that he got from the '69 Mets, and I still have that,” McGraw says. “My little brother Mark had it. We fixed it up, and now I'm driving it.”

McGraw's Damn Country Music album, out Nov. 6, features a duet with his daughter, Gracie, who has been making the star and Hill a little emotional lately having recently gone off to college.

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