Tim McGraw has enjoyed some key roles in big films like 'The Blind Side' and 'Country Strong,' so it's logical to wonder if the singer would ever trade music for acting. When asked by WSOC if he sees a time when his professional priorities will inevitably shift, McGraw said, "I don't know if it will ever shift. I think there will come a time when it'll be weird to be running around, jumping up and down, wearing tight jeans and wearing a cowboy hat and playing songs. That time will come, but I don't know that my priorities will ever shift because I want them to shift."

Since he has acted with two A-list Oscar winners in the form of Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock, McGraw has found himself in enviable company, but he learned from both leading ladies. "The thing about Gwyneth, she is such a pro," McGraw said to the station about easing into working with a film superstar such as Paltrow in 'Country Strong.' He said, "She brings this warmth. She shows up on the set and begins to act. She is so believable and so good. It's like playing tennis with a good tennis player."

Comparing Paltrow to Bullock, McGraw was diplomatic, saying, "They are both fantastic: two different types of people and two different types of actors, but equally as good. I learned something from both." As for his wife, Faith Hill, he is open to working with her on a film or TV project, with a caveat. McGraw admitted they get offers, but not the right ones. "We would love to do it. For us to do it together, it'd have to be the absolute perfect project," McGraw said.

The station also asked McGraw, whose catalog teems with hits, if he could sing just one of his songs for the rest of career, what would it be. He chose 'Don't Take the Girl,' which he doesn't perform every night! "We recorded that almost 20 years ago and there are some people who don't know it," McGraw said about why it's not a crime to omit the song from the set list when it comes to newer fans.

Watch the Tim McGraw 'Don't Take the Girl' Video