Fans who can't wait for the courts to decide the fate of Tim McGraw's 'Emotional Traffic' album just need to buy a ticket to an upcoming 'Emotional Traffic' tour stop. McGraw tells Billboard that he's been regularly including tracks from the embattled album in his live set.

"Any artist will tell you their favorite thing to do is play new music," McGraw tells Billboard, "and for us it's a double-edged sword. It's frustrating because we have this great new music that we want to get out to everybody and we can't, so the only way we can get it out is to play it live." Aside from 'Felt Good on My Lips,' McGraw treats fans to 'Right Back at You,' 'Better Than I Used to Be' and 'Halo.'

Curb Records is suing McGraw, claiming he delivered 'Emotional Traffic' too soon after his last album, 'Southern Voice,' in 2009. The singer owes his label of 19 years one more album, and they feel he was trying to fulfill that obligation prematurely. McGraw's countersuit claims the new album fills his obligations and Curb needs to let fans hear it.

"Right now it's just a matter of letting the legal system handle this," McGraw says. "All I can do is keep doing what I do. I've always been a good, honest guy and done the work the way it needed to be done and fulfilled whatever I've been obligated to do. All you can do is hope our good faith pays off in the end."

Unless the lawsuit is resolved in an uncharacteristically speedy fashion, it's doubtful 'Emotional Traffic' will reach store shelves in 2011. McGraw shared a few details with Billboard, however. Rapper Ne-Yo co-wrote and duets on 'Only Human,' and Faith Hill joins McGraw on another track. "It's one of those records that you want to put earphones and just turn it up and really listen to every part of the record," he says.

Watch Tim McGraw Sing 'Felt Good on My Lips'