Sometimes song lyrics come from a deep inspiration, but sometimes -- like in the case of Tim McGraw's 'Right Back Atcha Babe' -- they are pieced together by some of the most talented songwriters in Nashville.

"This one was more of a crafted song -- not so biographical," hit writer Dave Pahanish explains to Taste of Country. "I was digging the hook 'right back atcha babe.' I heard it first on that show 'Gilmore Girls.' I thought it was playful, yet full of sentiment."

"Right back atcha babe / Just like a boomerang / Everything good you threw my way / Right back atcha babe / Best that you get ready / There's a whole lotta lovin' that's gonna be comin' / Right back atcha babe," Pahanish wrote in lyrics of the song's chorus.

"I remember being pleased that rhyming boomerang and 'everythang' worked well in the country music arena," Pahanish says with a smile. "I kind of modeled the tune around old Lou Reed music ... a kind of talk vocal. I tried to keep the verses real conversational and just let the chorus rock out."

"First things first, I want you to close your eyes / This may not even come close to that first kiss you gave me / But I'm gonna try / Oh and here's that ring you've been waitin' for all these years / As for the tears, that you've cried / When we made love the first time / Yeah I see ya cry," he wrote in the lyrics to the second verse.

'Right Back Atcha Babe' is one of two songs on McGraw's forthcoming 'Emotional Traffic' album that was co-written by Pahanish. Click here to read the inspiration behind Pahanish's other tune on the album, titled 'The One That Got Away.'

McGraw's 'Emotional Traffic' will hit stores on Tuesday, Jan. 24. Those who cannot wait that long to get their hands on the new music can head over to iTunes, where both 'Right Back Atcha Babe' and 'The One That Got Away' are available now for download.