Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of country music's power couples, but their music is very different. In recent years Hill has incorporated more of a progressive pop/AC element into her songs, while McGraw favors contemporary country-rock productions. But when it comes to choosing songs, McGraw says he still listens to his wife's advice.

"Always," he tells M magazine. "Not that we always agree -- we’re two completely different artists, and certainly we’re stylistically different -- but I have tons of respect for her opinion about everything I do. Sometimes I don’t agree with her, and end up doing something only to see she was right."

McGraw adds that he doesn't have much choice but to pursue a heavier country slant, since that's where his strengths lie. "Someone once told me I couldn’t go pop with an a-- full of firecrackers, just because of the way my voice sounds," he quips. He remembers being in the cab of his stepfather's 18-wheeler, hearing the music of classic country artists like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Charlie Rich and Charley Pride. "Those are the earliest memories I have of music," he shares.

Despite those influences, McGraw says he can only sound like himself. "Early in my career I’d go into the studio and think, 'OK, I’m going to sing this just like George Strait,'" the singer recalls. "You think you’re doing that until you hear the playback and find out, 'Damn, that doesn’t sound like George Strait at all -- it’s just me," he adds with a laugh. "Eventually, you find ways to do what you do."

McGraw recently released a new album, 'Two Lanes of Freedom.' He kicks off a 30-date tour in Birmingham, Ala. on May 2 with Brantley Gilbert and pop-country duo Love and Theft as his opening acts.