Tim McGraw, who has come to be known for his commitment to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, is slated to appear on CBS’ The Doctors Monday (Sept. 14) as his first stop on America’s Diabetes Challenge: Get to Your Goals.

The artist has teamed up with Merck and the American Diabetes Association as their spokesperson for the campaign, which encourages people with type 2 diabetes to work with their doctors to set and reach their A1C (average blood glucose level).

McGraw is challenging individuals with the disease to commit by making a pledge to get to their goals with the support of their healthcare provider and their loved ones.

On The Doctors, the “Top of the World” singer will discuss his passion for the cause as well as chat about his family and his health, giving a peek into what he does on tour to stay in shape.

McGraw recently spoke about his on-the-road fitness regimen as more than just a way to stay healthy, but a way to keep connected to his band and crew.

“It’s a chance that we get that we might not get any other time of the day, because everybody’s so busy and we’re running around, that if we didn’t take that time to work out together and spend that quality time together,” he explained via his label Big Machine.

The artist has been on his Shotgun Rider Tour, treating fans to backstage serenades along the way via YouTube, including covers of Luke Bryan’s “Do I,” and a special performance of “My Little Girl” for his daughter Gracie, who recently left for college.

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