The new Tim McGraw album isn't expected to be in stores or at iTunes until Jan. 24, but fans can now buy four of the 12 cuts from 'Emotional Traffic' online, including the just released song 'The One That Got Away.'

The ballad begins with some spoken word from the left speaker, but it's difficult to decipher what's being said. From there, McGraw tells the story of a girl who fought off skeptics that didn't believe she could become a professional singer.

"You kept your face in the gutter for years / Kept your eyes on the road / You always felt you were meant for more / Baby, now you know," he sings. Fans are asked to fall for the message and McGraw's emotional delivery on this song, as it is far from the most catchy song he's ever released.

"Everybody wants a glimpse of the one that got away / Everybody wants to see you / Everybody wants to be you too / It's funny how they put you down but now they think you're all right /  Everybody loves you tonight / You're the one that got away," McGraw sings during a chorus that varies slightly each time he sings.

At nearly five minutes, the song is unlikely to reach radio in its current form. This week's iTunes release follows last week's release of 'Right Back Atcha Babe,' and previous releases of his current single 'Better Than I Used to Be' and his 2011 hit 'Felt Good on My Lips.'

Listen to Tim McGraw, 'The One That Got Away'