Though Tim McGraw is most well-known for his music career, he has also built a substantial acting repertoire, most recently starring in Disney’s Tomorrowland. His latest endeavor? The movie adaptation of the best-selling novel The Shack, which he hinted at during the Taste of Country Music Festival, but kept close to the chest.

The faith-based drama also stars Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer and Alice Braga. It follows the story of a man whose youngest daughter is abducted and thought to have been murdered based on evidence found in an abandoned shack. Years later, the man receives a letter claiming to be from God inviting him to revisit the shack, and what he finds there changes his life.

McGraw dished a few details about balancing his film and music career to Taste of Country last week during ToC Fest, mentioning that he is also working on a new album.

“I’m flying in between shows, going up to Vancouver shooting a movie,” McGraw says. “It’s kind of a foot race to see which one gets done first (the album or movie).”

It’s not yet clear what role McGraw will be playing in The Shack, but fans can look forward to seeing him on the silver screen again soon. The novel has sold 19 million copies in 39 languages over the years, so the film is sure to be much-anticipated by audiences around the world.

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