The story of Tim McGraw's genealogy will be revealed this week on a new episode of NBC's hit show "Who Do You Think You Are?' Fans will be able to watch along as the country star digs into his past, trying to solve the mystery of where he came from.

During the show, McGraw tells the story of finding his birth certificate when he was 11, and seeing his last name 'Smith' crossed out and 'McGraw' written in. Things get very emotional as McGraw shares how he confronted baseball star Tug McGraw and eventually found out he was, in fact, Tim's father.

As the "Felt Good On My Lips" singer researched his father's past he discovered another industrious ancestor; among his family connections is President George Washington. Hand-written land transactions dating back to 1750 were also found as part of McGraw's ancestry. Some of the documents were so fragile it cost hundreds of dollars for the show to restore them.

Show host and former 'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow explains, "Tim McGraw's family goes way back on his father's side, deep into American history. On the show he finds out that he had ancestors who were right on the border and at times on the wrong side of the border into Indian territory as the U.S. was moving west."

McGraw's appearance on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' shows he was clearly serious about learning his family history, says Kudrow. "It's not just like you show up for a couple of hours and you're done, it's a commitment. So the people who want to do (the show) are genuinely interested in finding answers to their questions."

Tim McGraw's 'Who Do You Think You Are?' episode airs this Friday, Feb. 11 on NBC.