Tim McGraw's daughter Gracie was hardly a stage newbie when she joined her father to sing "Here Tonight" in Nashville over the summer. The 18-year-old college freshman fronts her own band, an all-female alt-rock group called Tingo.

The country singer told Taste of Country about Gracie's band during an interview to promote his own Damn Country Music album. It's part of the reason he says he was nervous she'd turn him down when he asked her to sing on the song. Compared to her original music, "it's pretty out there."

As for the name: “Apparently, it’s some sort of Samoan or eastern island, or maybe it’s an Easter Island thing,"McGraw says in the video above, "where somebody goes into your house and every time they visit they take something. And it’s called tingo. I don’t know, it beats me. Kids today."

A quick internet search turns up the band's Facebook page and EP (listen below). Of the four songs, "Tinted Red" and "Underlying Sexual Desire" are ToC staff favorites. Gracie McGraw shows some vocal prowess on "Tinted Red" and a willingness to take risks throughout the EP. It's straight-forward garage rock — there's nothing country about Tingo.

Sadly, the band appears to be on hiatus as college has split the group up. They plan to jam again in December.

Listen to Tingo's EP

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