Headlining a nationwide tour can take a toll on a man. Traveling from city to city on a cramped tour bus with limited meal options all before putting on a high-energy 2-hour show is a job that may leave music's best both exhausted and out of their best shape.

But not Tim McGraw.

He has something more to keep him going — participating in these insane workouts we all hear rumors about but never dream of actually participating in.

“You creep into this older metabolism,” the three-time Grammy winner tells the New York Times. “It was that period in the middle where I didn’t work out as much as I should and ate more than I should. I’m 48 years old. I don’t want to not be able to go up there and do a two-hour high-energy show.”

That's why while he's out entertaining thousands of fans on the road, McGraw spends his free time doing hours of grueling exercise that just reading about could make you tired.

His dedication stretches to the point of traveling with a trailer that is actually a portable gym. It includes battle ropes, 20-pound chains, exercise balls and even more equipment that keep all the muscles working.

In just gray cotton shorts and tennis-shoes, the "Top of the World" singer goes through 3 hours of strength conditioning, followed by a short lunch break. Seems like enough for one day, right? Not for McGraw. He finishes his workout beside his crew with 12 circuits of CrossFit.

But of course McGraw feels pressured to stay in shape — have you seen his wife?

"She [Faith Hill ] doesn’t have to work out, though,” McGraw says sweetly. “She looks good no matter what she does.”

Hill isn't his only inspiration for rock-hard abs and high endurance. McGraw is the son of the late Tug McGraw, who was a relief pitcher for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, and draws from his experience as an athlete himself in his youth.

“Coach always told us, ‘Practice always has to be harder than the game.’ Just work really really, really hard, so when you hit showtime, the show is almost easy,” McGraw says.

After seeing McGraw in concert, he really does live up to the saying that practice makes perfect, because he sure does make it look easy.

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