Toby Keith says he'd consider taking over Hank Williams Jr.'s role as 'Monday Night Football' rebel rouser, only if the ESPN came to him with a very, very good idea. But in an interview with Buffalo, N.Y. radio station WYRK, Keith gave no impression that either side had made any move toward a deal -- the conversation just turned to the controversy.

The 'Made in America' singer admitted he heard about it all secondhand and steered clear of offering a sensational opinion. "Take it for what it is, or take it for what it ain't,'" he said before adding, "We do have freedom of speech but sometimes it comes with consequences."

"I miss hearing that song. It's been part of that for so long, you know," Keith admitted.

Earlier in the interview, he shared the behind-the-scenes scoop on his new video for 'Red Solo Cup.' It wasn't difficult to convince the many celebrities that appear (Jeff Dunham, rocker Ted Nugent, talk show host Craig Ferguson, basketball star Larry Bird) to take 10 seconds to do something stupid with a red Solo cup in front of their phone camera. The tough part was editing them all down. Comedian Carrot Top had the most ridiculous concept.

"I might put an unedited version of the video out later after it gets as far as it's going, but his first version that he sent in was him standing on his stage in Vegas and his audience holding up red Solo cups and he was wearing nothing but a red Solo cup," Keith said with a laugh.

'Red Solo Cup' and 'Made in America' are both featured on Keith's new album, 'Clancy's Tavern,' which is available in stores and online now.