Toby Keith's latest fast-rising single, 'Somewhere Else,' has him once again teaming up with hit songwriter Bobby Pinson. Together, the two have penned the music and lyrics for Keith's previous smashes 'She's a Hottie,' 'Lost You Anyway' and the chart-topping 'She Never Cried in Front of Me.'

'Somewhere Else' was written on Keith's porch in Oklahoma as they watched a storm in the sky for nearly two hours. "Toby had this really cool melody happening," Pinson tells Taste of Country. "We worked on it some and changed it around a bit to make it real unique."

As they brainstormed ideas for the song lyrics, Pinson recalled one of his favorite sayings: "You don't get to where you're going by going anywhere else." Makes sense, right? "It's a catchy phrase," he explains. "We wrote the song from the viewpoint of this brokenhearted guy ... he's doing what he can to make it through life, taking things day-to-day."

"I don’t know where you might be / Wherever it is it’ll be without me / Keep thinkin’ I’ll come home one day and find you / Long as I got that front porch light / Shinin’ like a beacon in the night / I know I can make it home all by myself / 'Cause if you don’t know where you’re goin’ / You might end up somewhere else," Keith sings in the second chorus.

"Sometimes if you truly don't know where you're going in life, you just might end up somewhere else," notes Pinson. "The guy in the song would love nothing more than if he could end up somewhere else."

Watch Toby Keith perform 'Somewhere Else'