Trace Adkins isn't planning to pop any champagne corks when he hits the half century mark on January 13, 2012. Although Adkins' said he is aware he is aging, he doesn't think such milestones should be marked with celebrations.

"I'm sure that there will be a party, but it will be none of my doing," Adkins tells CMT. "Why is it that to chicks, birthdays are such a huge thing? To me, they're just not. People have to remind me it's my birthday ... You know that you're over half done at that [50-year] point. That's a stark realization."

It's likely also sobering to Adkins to realize the wisdom in some of his own father's words when talking about music. Although Adkins' music has been labeled "Country Raunch and Roll" by the Chicago Tribune, he said he doesn't let his kids listen to it and doesn't market the music to other people's children. That's not the case with many female pop artists that record "nasty songs" that Adkins' 13-year old daughter enjoys, he says.

"I think some of those girls are really bad influences on little girls," he says. "There are some girls in pop, and that's what they do. They record nasty songs, and then they market them to my little girls. And that [expletive] ain't right. It's like my daddy said, 'Boy, you keep listening to that [expletive], you're gonna be in prison.'"