Despite losing his house and many irreplaceable possessions in a fire recently, one thing that formidable country singer Trace Adkins hasn't lost is his sense of humor, which was on full display in a recent chat with US99 Country. Adkins spoke about his duet partner Blake Shelton, and compared the lovable lug to a "dog or a child."

When asked about 'If I Was a Woman,' Adkins' duet with Shelton that appears on the deluxe edition of his new album 'Proud to Be Here,' Adkins joked, "He brought his miniscule talents to the song." He also went on liken Shelton to a canine and a kid, saying, "He's like an animal. It's like working with a dog or a child. You give him a treat, pat him on the head when he does something good and hit him with a newspaper when he doesn't." We're wondering if that's how Shelton's sparkplug wife Miranda Lambert keeps the singer in line!

Adkins did say that a wealth of texts messages poured into his phone after his home burned down, many from country music's elite. While he said it was like a 'Who's who' of country music landed in his text messaging inbox, he did acknowledge that the first text came from Shelton.

Before the interview wrapped, Adkins, who was in New York at the time, was distracted by quite the sight: a man standing naked in the window! Adkins asked his interviewer to repeat her question, because the sight of another dude's bare butt totally threw him off. "I think he's ironing, but he just don't care," Adkins laughed. Adkins revealed that he does walk around naked at times at home, but "not where anyone can see, at least I don't think."

He even joked that "I do a lot of things naked, like run my tractor." Now there's a sight to see!

Adkins’ new album, ‘Proud to Be Here,' was released this week and can be purchased here.

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