Trace Adkins certainly cuts an intimidating figure, and despite the drama surrounding his latest single, 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' -- which is based off a '70s porn riff and is accompanied by a hilarious, puppet populated video that's not exactly G-rated -- Adkins makes no bones about the catchy song or its naughty inspiration, despite the fact that it was dropped by many radio stations.

"I ain't apologizing for the song," Adkins tells Y108. "I love the song, I think it's hilarious. People gotta lighten up a little bit and laugh every now and then and not take stuff quite so seriously." Adkins admits that he and his team "knew that song was going to be controversial. I am not afraid of that, that doesn't worry me."

Well, Trace, we didn't think that you were afraid of much in life, but we admire your decision to move forward with the song despite knowing that radio programmers might hedge and steer clear of the tune. Adkins continues, "We knew 30 percent of the panel wouldn't play it and we were prepared to accept that."

Turns out, Adkins and his team's math couldn't have been more wrong. After two months of airplay, the song "wasn't panning out that way. The numbers were the opposite and 70 percent of the panel was not going to play the song!" Many stations dropped the track, and Adkins says he understands why more conservative stations wouldn't play the song -- and it was no sweat off his broad back. "Seldom in my life will you ever hear me apologize for reckless behavior, but I will apologize to the guys who are in the truck with me when I do it," he says, laughing.

'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' is still a catchy and, ahem, stimulating tune -- and we love that Adkins unapologetically defends it.