Trace Adkins and a few puppets just shot the video for his new single, 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow,' off his current album, 'Cowboy’s Back in Town,' at Golden Oak Ranch near Los Angeles -- marking the first time a country star has used a puppet double in a music video. This may also be the most recent time a singer has made us blush since Joe Don Rooney did in Rascal Flatts' 'These Days' music video.

Adkins tells CNN that the words “brown chicken brown cow” are a play on “boom chicka wow wow,” or "that old guitar lick that was predominant in every porno done in the '70s.'" The country star reveals, "We wanted to do a video that kept the innuendo, but at the same time is G-rated so that kids can watch it, and their parents don’t have to worry about them seeing something."

And to achieve that, they are using  puppets. He adds, "The song may be sexually suggestive, but the video needs to pass muster on CMT and GAC if it wants to see airplay." As for his puppet double, Adkins admits, "It’s kind of creepy. I hope he doesn’t look like me."

Comfortable with controversy, the 6'6" country star says, "I found that over my career, that polarizing songs sell more records because they create passion, and that’s what you want to do with music." He adds, "You have to create passion. If you put out songs that people just go, 'Oh, that’s nice,' you’re not creating any passion." 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' is already getting some resistance at radio with some stations not playing it because they think it might be offensive.