Trace Adkins manages to turn the new video for his highly suggestive song 'Brown Chicken, Brown Cow' into something just about suitable for family viewing with the help of some amorous puppets.

As we told you a while back, this catchy, strutting song barely hides its libido, but Adkins tells The Boot, "We wanted [the video] to be funny and different. The song is already suggestive enough, but I wanted to do a 180 with the video and make it G-rated, and the puppets give me that."

Mission accomplished, we guess. The video opens with Adkins, hair in "party" mode, no suit, sorta dancing and posing on a barnyard as our romantic human puppets make hay under the watchful eye of their barnyard cloth-built counterparts, the cow, the chicken and the pig.

Let's face it, your kids are gonna have some sense of what's going on here, but it's all pretty harmless -- and by the time Adkins gets his hat and ponytail back together and recruits the animals to serve as his backing band, all that you'll remember is the music and a couple of laughs. Oh, and the implied unholy union between a cow and a chicken.

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Watch the Trace Adkins 'Brown Chicken, Brown Cow' Video