Underneath the veneer of intimidation, Trace Adkins is a family man and sort of a teddy bear -- sort of. Not only did the singer use his star power to arrange for his daughters to meet Justin Bieber, but he also gained an understanding of the underground comic culture when he was made the inspiration for the Luke McBain comic book series, which was a happy accident.

"It was brought to me," Adkins told KKCB about his participation. "It was a reluctant hero role and they want input from as far as dialogue, asking me 'What you might say, how you might word something.' That was basically about all I did and a few months later, I got a comic book in the mail. It introduced me to a completely underground culture that I didn't really know that much about."

Adkins is man of many art forms -- he even has a role as a biker in the Matthew McConaughey-starring film, 'The Lincoln Lawyer.' When asked if he might have a man crush on the good-looking actor, Adkins deadpanned, "I do not." We're not sure we'd ask Trace such a question, but someone at KKCB did!

Adkins is a big man, but even he was a wee bit intimidated by the bikers in the film, especially one named Monster. Adkins said, "This guy was a monster. If you are bad enough to tattoo 'Monster' across top of chest, you oughta take that guy at his word."

Unfortunately for Bieber fans, Adkins was monosyllabic when asked if he would ever duet with Justin Bieber to impress his daughters. "Ah, no," he replied to that suggestion. Though, his country peers Rascal Flatts seemed to have no qualms about it.