Trace Adkins is hoping he's hooked another hit with 'Just Fishin,'' the first tune from his next album out later this year.

"'Just Fishin'' sounds like it's some redneck thing, but it's a song about a father going fishing with his little girl, and she thinks it's just fishin', but it's about much more than that," Adkins tells The Boot. "As a father of daughters, it hit all the right buttons. I've taught all my girls to fish, and it's about the lessons that you learn from teaching your children to fish. It's the time that you spend together doing it. That's what's really important."

The tune was supposed to be on his last record, 'Cowboy's Back in Town,' but Adkins took the "veto power" he's had throughout his career and said "no." He explains that it sounded too close to 'You're Gonna Miss This,' and he didn't want two similar songs back-to-back on the record.

"I told them this would be the first single off the next album, so here it is," Adkins tells fans of 'Just Fishin.''

Adkins' recent gig is not a concert, but a film: 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' starring Matthew McConaughey. He says, "I'm not in this movie very much. I'm at the beginning and at the end, and then there's a bunch of crap that happens in the middle that's not very important. McConaughey takes his shirt off, so there's that." He adds, "For the 90 seconds I'm on the screen, I'm having a blast."