Tragedy struck Trace Adkins and his family in the summer of 2011. Adkins' three daughters were at home with their nanny when the family's Nashville home caught on fire and was quickly engulfed in flames, destroying it.

As country music fans typically do, many reached out via the internet, hoping to help their favorite singer in any way that they could. The news of Adkins' house fire was unquestionably one of the Top News Stories of 2011.

Despite losing a few one-of-a-kind items, the singer was just happy his family made it: "You say, ‘The family’s OK, and that’s all that matters.’ But until it’s actually happened to you, that’s when the weight of those words takes on a significance you never even imagined. Everything pales after that."

2011 ended on a positive note for the Adkins clan, thankfully. In November, the 'Just Fishin''' hitmaker told us that a new house on the same property is in the works -- and this one has a pool.