Trace Adkins was awake and working early yesterday morning, August 2, to make an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show, as well as 'Kathie Lee & Hoda,' to promote his new album 'Proud to Be Here.' The country giant performed his new song 'Just Fishin',' after talking briefly about the fire that leveled his family's Nashville home. His wife and five daughters are getting along just fine, he says. "My girls are very resilient, as most kids are. They're adjusting well, they're very brave young ladies. I'm very proud of them."

Adkins was given more time to talk on 'Kathie Lee & Hoda,' and shared what living with six females has taught him about women. "You know I have guys all the time ask me if I have some pearls of wisdom," he says, "And I just say the more women that I surround myself with the more confused I am." Adkins had viewers and the two co-hosts really cracking up after they asked how he knew his wife Rhonda was the one for him. "She was easy," Adkins depanned. "(She's a) Pretty loose woman. I love that about her."

The video for 'Just Fishin'' stars Adkins six-year-old daughter, Trinity, and he even had a joke about that. "We're still negotiating over how much I owe her," he says without as much as a smile. There was no place for smiling later in the visit, when the singer shared how fortunate he feels about getting through the house fire together, as a family. "And I've heard this so many times, 'My family is OK and that's all that matters.' But the gravity of those words, that is true. That's true. That's all that matter at that moment."

Adkins will appear on CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' on August 10. He'll also make an entrance on the E! Network's 'Chelsea Lately' on August 11.

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