Trace Adkins shows his softer side in this heart-warming new music video, but don't be fooled -- he isn't 'Just Fishin'.' Rather, the '‪Honky Tonk Badonkadonk‬' hitmaker is soaking up some quality time with his daughter, because she's growing like a weed right before his eyes.

Adkins is a proud dad to five girls, but in this video, his youngest daughter Trinity gets her chance to shine. The pair grab a pink rod and reel and a tackle box and set off hand in hand into the woods, headed from their cabin to a secret fishing hole.

It may look like Adkins is just taking his precious daughter fishing, but to him it's so much more than that -- it's living. The pair finds their special spot and casts out, enjoying eachother's company while they wait for a bite. Like a good dad, Adkins lets his baby chatter about ballet and her kitty and bounce around, because he values the short time he has with her while she's still small.

The 'Just Fishin'' video marks Trinity's screen debut, though two of her older sisters had starring-roles in Adkins' 'More' and 'Ladies Love Country Boys' videos. "It was Trinity's turn," Adkins tells the Boot.

Just in time for Father's Day, the iconic country singer wants to stress an important hidden point with his hit song and new video. "I hope the message that people get from this song is making time to spend with your kids," he explains. "It's not about fishing, and that's what the song says. It's anything that gives you a reason to spend time with your kids, and that's really the angle we're going for with the video, too. It's not so much about the fishing part. It's about being with your baby."

Watch the Trace Adkins 'Just Fishin'' Video