Trace Adkins and his wife Rhonda have three young daughters at home -- Mackenzie was born in 1998, Brianna in 2001 and Trinity in 2004. So when asked if he knows any Justin Bieber songs, it's no surprise that the country star tells CNN, "Oh God, yes! I know all of Justin Bieber’s songs because I have three little girls. I have to listen to that all the time."

Mackenzie, Brianna and Trinity's dad became quite the star in their eyes last year when Adkins not only brought them to Bieber's Nashville show, but they got to meet him as well. He says, "My kids love me because I introduced them to Justin Bieber ... So far, I guess it’s the highlight of their lives."

More importantly, does he find the teen sensation's music grating on the ears at all? The 'Hillbilly Bone' singer laughs and replies, "No, it’s not grating. It’s just ... you’ve heard '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?' About the time you get to the end of '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,' that melody, you’re sick of it, right? Same way with Justin Bieber. He just sings '99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,' and I’m over it."

We can only imagine how many shows the three girls have been to of their dad's, but are they as equally awed with Adkins and his show? According to him, "They’re not impressed."