The lyrics to Trace Adkins' latest single, 'Million Dollar View,' were knocked out about a year ago by Nashville hit singer-songwriter David Lee Murphy and George Teren.

"George and I got together one day," Murphy tells Taste of Country. "We were just banging around on the guitars, trying to come up with something to write. We just started jamming on that groove. We stumbled upon 'I've got a million dollar view.' We had that title, and we just started writing it and playing it. You can kind of tell when you're getting onto one that you really like and that's fun and that feels good."

"I've got a million dollar view / Right here in my livin' room / In this little tin roof house / Even with the shades pulled down / And the lights turned out / I don’t need to go to some exotic place / To see the kinda thing that takes my breath away / No all I gotta do is look at you / And I’ve got a million dollar view," they wrote in the lyrics of the chorus.

"Honest to God, it was one of those days where we went in there and wrote a song," Murphy recalls of the day. "Those are fun when you write one and you sit down and you just get in there and find an idea that you really like and start working on it. The whole point of this song is the guy saying there are all these exotic locations where we could be, but just sitting right here looking at you ... I've got a million dollar view. Of all the other places in the world, I'd rather be right there with her.

"The way I grew up," continues Murphy, "you make the most out of what you've got on a Friday or Saturday night if you stay home ... that's kind of what this song is about."

"When I see you layin' there in that sexy nightgown / It burns me down deep in my soul / You’re a livin' work of art / A sight that would inspire the likes of Michelangelo / If I took a telescope and pointed it to heaven / I wouldn't find nothin' up there / That compares to what I got right here," they wrote in the lyrics to one of the song's verses.

"We wrote it, and then when we did the demo on it, it was really cool," recalls Murphy. "I thought Trace did a great job on it. He makes everything sound good anyway with just his delivery and his voice. He's just got a lot of presence. When they said Trace Adkins was going to cut it, I was like, 'All right!' I've always liked Trace. He's a great singer, and he's always been really cool. That's just him. That's pretty much how he delivers this song. He puts his personality in it and nails it."