For almost ten years Trace Adkins has alternated between goofy-yet-lovable rock songs and moving ballads. It's a trend that has set him apart from other country singers in the best ('Ladies Love Country Boys') and worst ('I Got My Game On') ways. Recently, it'd been more of the latter. 'Just Fishin',' the sentimental hit from 'Proud to Be Here,' was his first Top 10 hit since 2008.

Adkins' latest, 'Million Dollar View,' should give him back-to-back Top 10 singles for the first time since 2003. It's a song that's built for radio -- uptempo, catchy and affectionate -- without being sappy or heavy-handed. The second verse tells the story.

"When I see you layin' there in that sexy nightgown / It burns me down deep in my soul / You're a livin' work of art / A sight that would inspire the likes of Michelangelo / If I took a telescope and pointed it to heaven / I wouldn't find nothin' up there / That compares to what I got right here."

"I've got a million dollar view / Right here in my livin' room / In this little tin roof house / Even with the shades pulled down / And the lights turned out / I don't need to go to some exotic place / To see the kinda thing that takes my breath away / No all I gotta do is look at you / And I've got a million dollar view," the big man sings during the chorus.

In a strange way, it's nice to hear an Adkins song that isn't an eye-roller and doesn't require one to invest a lot of time and energy to digest it. 'Million Dollar View' is safe. That's not a word many artists want to hear used to describe their music, but in Adkins' case "safe" is a new risk.

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