Trace Adkins has announced that his second album with Show Dog-Universal Music will hit stores on Tuesday, August 2. The album, title 'Proud to Be Here,' will feature 10 new tracks from the singer, including his latest hit on the rise, 'Just Fishin'.'

Adkins made the announcement about his new album this past weekend when he performed at LP Field in Nashville as part of the 2011 CMA Music Festival.

"'Proud to Be Here' was chosen as the album title some weeks ago because it’s how I’ve felt ever since my first album release and during every milestone since," says Adkins. "The title song could have been based on my life and it’s about narrow escapes and the grace that guides you through."

The title takes on an even stronger meaning for Adkins and his family after his beautiful home in Nashville burned to the ground after an electrical fire started.

"Obviously, now after the fire, 'Proud To Be Here' takes on an even greater significance," Adkins continues. "Once again, I’ve been blessed and everyone is safe. I don’t even want to think what could’ve been had it started at 3AM instead of 3PM."

'Proud to Be Here' was recorded earlier this year and produced by Adkins' long-time friends in the music business, Kenny Beard and Mark Wright. Besides the regular 10-track album, a deluxe bonus version of the new music, featuring four additional tunes, will also be available for purchase.

Watch the Trace Adkins 'Just Fishin'' Video